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Show positive is a multidisciplinary event that was created with the objective of conveying motivation, knowledge and enthusiasm for professional hairdressers.
For the second year, we celebrate with you our passion to learn, create, innovate and share a positive outlook. The illusion, driving force that raises the curiosity of children into the desire to fly, is also the essence of this project. In this edition, show aims to spread a positive state of mind which is the reflection of a dream never imagined possible, but that has become reality.
Treat yourself to fly.
Maximum Award of communication and human relations of the Dale Carnegie Institute in New York, is an expert consultant in leadership, creativity, innovation and stress management. In Show we talk about positive emotions, moods and creative processes, where there is clearly a close relationship between our ability to think clearly and properly the domain of our physiology and our emotions. He shared conferences with the likes of Sir Ken Robinson and Tony Blair. Alonso Puig is the author of books "Leader wood" , "to live is an urgent problem" , "Reinventing" and "now" < / i>.
Thanks to Show Positive, arrives for the first time in Spain, one of the most acclaimed international art team from professional public Saco hair. This signature, founded and directed by Richard Ashforth is defined by its proposal and a concept of beauty based on the strength of simplicity. Saco is synonymous with quality and creative expression. Name essential when it comes to top-level education, in fact its presence in the most prestigious fairs and magazines brought to Saco Hair Pià high levels of current style.
This Creative Studio, a pioneer in the production of I+D+i in the field of hairdressing, promotes professional growth through the development of innovative technical and artistic education. Last year, more than 14,700 people have seen them live in some fifteen countries through training and other events. The proposed X-Presion were built nearly a hundred media professionals, collecting over 50 prestigious journals. These X-Presion consolidated figures are visual reference and educational.
Show Positive is more of a show , the show will culminate on Monday morning when strong> SACO and X- Presion will develop in two technical seminars, collections made on previous day.
show positivo
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